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Hello Friends,

Today I am going to tell you about some simple and very effective websites which really pays you by doing some simple tasks like website promotion, web browsing, clicking on ads and many more...

All of the websites which I am going to tell you about are absolutely free to join.


Absolutely free!!

These are in market for many years and are paying on time.

But understand this that these websites pay very less but they become most effective when you build network.

Signup on all sites below, spend daily 10-15 minutes on each website, build a network, you will start earning a lot in few days.

Types of Online Work

Best PTC Site Ever (Paying since 2007)

Clixsense (Click link below to join)


1. Shorten URL Services : - If you have any website to promote or some link to promote, you can use Shorten URL Services and get paid when visitor view your link.

I recommend following website to join - Click on Banner below


Guide for Shorte.st

1. Create an account using above banner. (Click on above banner, click on Join, Fill in details, Check your email and confirm your email)

2. Now your account is setup. Choose any URL you wish to promote on Social Media or Social Media Exchange websites.
e.g. www.yahoo.com

3. Now open shorte.st website, login to your account, on Top you will see a box "Shorten URL and get Paid" , paste your desired link in the box and click "Shorten", you will get a new link.

4. Promote this new link on Social Media or Social Media Exchange websites. When user click on links, you will start earnng.

2. Get Paid to Surf (Traffic Exchange) :-


(a) MyCryptoPayingAds - Pays in Bitcoin

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(b) My PayingAds



3. PTC (Get Paid to click ads)

(a) Scarlet Click

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(b) Grand Bux

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Continously updating more and more programs......
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